8 Awesome Gadgets Every Female Traveler Should Check Out

For some of us, wanderlust never dies. And whether you are a jetsetter, businesswoman, or nomadic wanderer, having the right tools for the trip can make your travels effortless. There’s a ton of gadgets and apps out there so we’ve sifted through them and compiled a bunch that could serve every kind of globetrotting lady. So here it is, our definitive list of the top eight essential gadgets for women travellers—because when we’re bound for strange, beautiful, and faraway places, we’re boundless.


When you gotta go, you gotta go… We couldn’t really have a list of travel essentials for women without including this gadget, which makes life for nature-loving women a whole lot easier. The Go Girlis a feminine urination device that allows women to pee standing up. It’s easy to clean, fits in your purse, and makes peeing in the woods just as simple for the ladies as it is for men. Yay, for no more rashes from strange plants (#sorrynotsorry, the struggle is real).

Nimb Smart Ring

The unfortunate reality is that personal safety is always in the back of a woman’s mind, especially if she’s traveling alone. The Nimb is a sleek ‘Smart ring’ that tracks your location and gives you quick access to emergency services, people nearby, and chosen contacts. By holding Nimb’s button down for three seconds, you alert these contacts to your location, potentially saving your life. The ring is chargeable, lasting for two weeks at a time with regular use, and compatible with recent Bluetooth, Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile systems and specifications. Safe, savvy, and stylish. Preorder yours on Indiegogo now.

Bluetooth Beanie & SleepPhones

A Bluetooth beanie from BE Headwear is an unconventional pick for a travel gadget list, but for an always on-the-go traveller it’s sporty, fun, and worth it. This gadget lets you listen to music through your hat, making it perfect for bike trips (install it into your helmet) or long plane rides, where a good playlist can make a long trip shorter. If you’re not into listening on the fly, then try Sleepphones, and hear your fave playlist comfortably while you fall asleep.

JBL Charge 3

What’s life without music? Grab a JBL Charge 3 so you don’t have to find out. There seem to be countless Bluetooth speakers out there, but the Charge 3 stands high among them in durability, sound quality, size and design—and importantly, popularity. In addition to its admired technical features, the Charge 3 is economical, waterproof, and available in several different colours, which makes it a great choice particularly for summer travel.