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Check before you travel – It is illegal to do THIS in popular travel destinations

THE FOREIGN and Commonwealth Office has realised a statement warning British travellers of illegal behaviour in popular tourist destinations. These laws will shock you.

British holidaymakers travelling abroad this summer are being advised to brush up their country culture before departing.

In a statement released by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the department is warning British travellers to be aware of local laws and customs this Easter, and to not follow in the footsteps of their “favourite celebrity”.

According to the FCO, many popular tourist destinations have unusual and often surprising rules that they except their visitors to abide by.

The travel office is, therefore, advising all British travellers to research local customs by reading up on travel advice available, if they wish to refrain from getting into trouble.

The report, released on the 15 March, found a significant increase in Britons travelling further than the typical European destinations.

Visits to Sri Lanka are up by more than 22 per cent and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) up more than 17 per cent.

It is therefore recommended by the FCO that everyone travelling abroad this Easter should join the 16 million people a year that check the Foreign travel advice stating: “All sorts of local laws and customs are covered in the travel advice”

To help British travellers prepare for their 2018 holiday, the FCO has released a list of the ten most unusual local laws and customs. Some of these rules will surprise you.

Foreign travel advice: Japan

Although clothing policies in which women are often required to cover up are more widely known, the UAE also includes swearing and making rude gestures as illegal behaviour.

Although smoking is permitted in many European bars and restaurants, vaporises are illegal in Thailand and those found with them are likely to be confiscated, fined or worse, jailed.

Skinny dips are off the cards in Greece as indecent behaviour is forbidden and in Sri Lanka, anyone caught mistreating Buddhism could face serious consequences. This includes novelty tattoos and posing for photos.

Japan tourists need to be wary of their medicine as Vicks inhalers or painkillers containing codeine are banned and could result in deportation.

Foreign travel advice: Thailandgetty

Vaporises are illegal in Thailand and those found with them could go to jail

In Turkey, visitors are forbidden to insult the national flag or to tear up currency – an act that could land you jail for between six months and three years.

Caribbean countries such as Barbados, St Vincent, and St. Lucia have banned camouflage clothing, whilst in Spain, those caught starting forest fires will suffer severe consequences.

Anyone travelling to Australia should be aware of their strict quarantine rules as anything that could affect their animal, human or even plant health must go through vigorous quarantine.

Finally, in Ukraine, it is illegal to smoke or drink in any public places including bus stops, playgrounds, and parks.


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