Here’s The WiFi Password For Every Airport In The World

If you’ve ever traveled overseas, you’ll know the torture of waiting in airports. If you’re lucky, its only an hour or two. If you’re unlucky (I once had a 16 hour layover in Los Angeles) it might be a bit worse. You might come prepared – a laptop loaded with movies, or a couple of good books. But what do you do if that bores you? Go for a walk, look at the insanely expensive shops, think about buying a drink, see the price of said drink, walk away…

You could also try and connect to the airport WiFi. But while this is often a tedious affair, plagued with spotty connections punctuated by messages from your phone provider saying how much roaming data you’ve used. Luckily,computer security engineer and travel blogger Anil Polat is on the case.

He’s created an interactive, regularly updated map that shows the connection info of international airports all over the world. And before you say “yes, but isn’t that online?” Polat has made it downloadable for offline use.

Simply click on where you want connection info and voila! Now you have another go-to piece for your airport layover arsenal.